Brick, stone, and mortar repair has become a year round industry in the Dallas Fort Worth area. At the forefront of this industry is Champion Brick Repair. Utilizing over 75 years of combined experience the Champions have the knowledge and the ability for almost any brick, stone, crack, mortar, chimney, mortar cap, tuckpointing or firebox project you may have. Champion Brick Repair utilities our proprietary custom mortar match system to perfectly match any mortar color on your home or buisness. Champion Brick Repair is so confident in their custom mortar matching system that the guarantee the mortar color to match for LIFE. Founded in Dallas TX in 1997 Champion Brick Repair has grown to not only be an industry leader in DFW area but also in San Antonio, Austin and Houston. Anyone who lives in Texas knows that soil movement is commen causing cracking in the brick, stone or mortar joints. That's when the Champs are on your side. Just one phonecall to Champion Brick Repair and you will be scheduled for a free evaluation with a professional brick repair expert. The Brick Repair expert will visit with you at your home and provide you with a free written quote on what it will cost to repair the damage to your brick, stone, or chimeny.

There are many reasons to have the cracks on your home repaired. Not only are cracks ugly but they allow snakes, rodents, insects and other pests easy access to your home.Mortar cracks or cracking and Spaulding bricks will also lead to a loss heat or air-condition making your electricity bill skyrocket. Addressing your masonry repair needs can help reduce your energy bill significantly often times paying for the Brick Repair itself in just a few years. If brick cracking or loose crumbling mortar joints are left unrepaired you may also get water behind the Brick or Stone rotting the structural frame work and leading in more costly repairs. That's why whether you live in Dallas, Fort Wort, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston you call Champion brick Repair today for a free quote on your brick repair, stone patio repair, chimney repair or any other masonry need.

Champion BrickRepair is not the only brick repair company in Dallas but we are the best. No other company in DFW, Austin, San Antonio,  or Houston can match Champion Brick repairs experience and professionalism. Our custom mortar blending and lifetime color match warranty set us apart from our peers. Many brick repair companies in Dallas Ft Worth have tried to replicate Champion Brick Repairs' proven brick repair and mortar matching techniques but Champion Brick Repair remains not only the original but a true innovator in brick mortar stone tuckpointing or chimney repair in DFW.  At Champion we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best in brick repair in Texas and we back it up with the only Lifetime color match warranty in Texas.

Champion Brick Repair services the entire DFW, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are including:

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