In the DFW Metropolex it is easy to spot homes with cracking in the brick, mortar, or stone. It is just as easy to spot homes and buisness that have had poor quality brick crack repairs.At Champion Brick Repair our motto is cracks are ugly, but nothing is more of an eyesore than mismatched mortar color or improper repairs. When choosing a Brick Repair company for any mortar crack, Spaulding brick, cracking or separating stone , leaking chimneys or any other masonry brick crack repair or mortar needs there are several important factors to consider. 
The most important thing with any masonry contractor is do the have the knowledge and skill to safely preform the repairs on your home.You wouldn't let anyone but a doctor treat your illness or let anyone other than a mechanic work on your car, so why have anyone other than a certified brick repair professional evaluate or repair the brick or stone on your home. With almost twenty years in business and over 75 years of brick repair experiance Champion Brick Repair has the know how to not only successfully complete your brick or mortar repair project but to provide unparalleled service and results at every location. Whether you live in Dallas, Fortworth, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio there is a Champion Brick Repair location near you.
Almost as important is using a Brick Repair company you can trust. Champion Brick Repair is not a fly by night brick and stone repair company. With 20 years in Dallas TX Champion has literally completed thousands of residential brick, stone, mortar,  chimney, porch or patio, and firebox projects over the years. They have also completed some of the most prolific and historical projects in the state of Texas such the Cameron County Court house, Anston County library, the Marine Roseland theatre, James E Guinn elementary schhol and many others.
The fact is everyone wants their home to look nice. Cracking in the mortar joints or brick and stone veneer takes away some of the beauty and value in your home. Even if you have them repaired masonry cracks repaired improperly or without our custom mortar match are even more visible than before the crack was repaired. When trying to sell your home these poor repairs become even more noticeable practically screaming to potential buyers that your home may have foundation issues.