There are about 120 brick repair companies in San Antonio, Texas from that only about 4 are reliable repitable companies. Champion Brick Repair is the pinnacle of these brick repair companies. 

 The San Antonio Brick Repair office of Champion Brick Repair is the only brick repair company in San Antonio to provide the following:

  • Lifetime Warranty -Our lifetime warranty guarantee's that the brick and mortar repair will match as long as the structure is standing.

  • Champion Brick Repair System -The Champion System is prefected to blend our repair to match any mortar.

  • Fully Insured and Bonded.-All our employees are bonded through Gaslamp Insurance, and we are insured to cover 1,000,000 each occurance.

  • Training and Certified Techs -No other brick repair company in Dallas certifies every tech they send out. Champion Brick Repair won't send underqulified masonry tech's to repair any mortar, brick, or masonry joint. 

Brick Repair South Texas

San Antonio Brick Repair projects include some of the state's most known properties. We have succesfully restored the brick veneer and mortar on many historic buiding's in San Antonio and South Texas. Engineers planning historic renovation projects will specify the Champion Brick Repair System when designing the masonry brick repair of these historic job. Thats because the Champion Brick Repair System is so accurate that we back our repair for life.