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Dallas, Texas 
Brick Repair | Mortar Repair 

As a leading Brick Repair Contractor in Dallas, I provide my services to both corporate and private clients. Check out my previous Masonry projects below and get in touch for more information. Depending on your needs, I might be able to help out immediately.

Champion Brick Repair Started out in 1997 and our first brick repair in Dallas immediately cemented us as a Dallas Brick Repair Contractor. But the development of our MortarMagictm  Custom mortar matching system. Is what has been the secret to our success. Since developing our brick repair process we have been invited to bid and even complete some of the most well known masonry brick repair and restoration project in Dallas. One iconic property we worked on is at the center of Dallas itself. The "Dallas Old Red Courthouse" tuckpointing and brick replacement took place around 2003-2005 and Champion Brick Repair was along for the ride. After the Dallas Old Red was started, we completed the Marine Roseland Theater another iconic masonry repair done in DFW in which Champion Brick Repair completely rejuvenated the brick veneer and repointed the mortar of the entire front façade. In fact, Champion Brick Repair has not stopped learning new mortar restoration processes, and now has offices in all major cities of Texas.

Whether your having masonry repair issues on your home or commercial property, Champion Brick Repair is here to help!

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Dallas Old Red Courthouse

Masonry Brick Wall Repair & Tuck-pointing
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