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Brick Repair Fort Worth

Fort Worth Texas, the home of Cowboys the Stockyards, and the Wild West. Its also where foundations crack, Brick and mortar shift and crack, Archways fall or collapse, and Garage door lintels sag. Face it when we here Fort Worth, we all imagine Cowboys and Saloons and nothing about PI's (Plasticity Index) or  Brick Repair. 

Champion Brick Repair has been fixing brick and mortar cracks along with deteriorating mortar and bricks since 1997. But the owner of Champion Brick repair has over 40 years experience in masonry restoration.

We are pioneers in masonry repair techniques that help match mortar and even manufacture onsite brick replacements.  In fact, Champion Brick Repair holds a provisional patent on the "MortorMagic" masonry crack repair system, which we use everyday to correctly match new mortar to your existing. No matter how old the existing mortar cracks are or how deteriorated the mortar is only Champion Brick Repair can guarantee the repair to match and go unnoticed. 


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Fort Worth

Champion Brick Repair
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